Experienced professionals delivering low code Digital Transformations 

Strategic Consulting

Peer-to-peer consulting by best in class professionals with many years experience in designing and delivering optimized business processes using low code platforms like Mendix.

Our Architects, Business Consultants and Developers design solutions that are lean, effective, scalable, easy to integrate and performing fast.

Our key domain is large Enterprises that have to manage legacy systems next to fast new innovations (Bi Modal IT)

Project Management

Project and programme management is in our DNA. Large multinational programmes delivered over multiple years or fast scaling agile projects with multiple sprints delivering in weeks.

We believe multidisciplinary teams working close together with your business reperesentatives deliver the best results in the shortest timeframes

We focus on the outcomes and benefits, not on contracts and methodologies.


We see companies in many industries reinventing the wheel.

Building standard process solutions in platforms like Mendix that have been build elsewhere before.

We build industry templates for Insurance, Lease and Finance companies to reduce time to market and investments.

Our templates will most likely have 80% or more of your core process requirements embedded.


We delivered digital transformations with Mendix for multiple industries 


Designed Business Case for large legacy overhaul and defined the programme plan needed to implement the solutions

BPR for financial company to redefine their core processes

Designed architectures separating logic from process with scalable Data Models, reduced complexity and wasy re-use

Designed several workflows minimizing the use of microflows where possible


Implemented agile and waterfall projects for insurers, lease companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, etc.

Performed as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Lead developers, Project Manager, Programme Manager and Programme Director. 

Revived crached projects and programmes, re-energizing teams and reducing politics and red tape in record time.



Insurance solutions for Claims, Policies, Reinsurance and legacy integration

Service bus for harmonizing booking processes

Lease company specific solutions

Financial Broker company solution


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